Interconnecting networks with optimized service provisioning


A recent trend of peering at geo-diversified Internet exchange points (IXPs) has empowered decades-old proposal of internetworking and opened up new avenues of business ventures. IP-transit, cloud direct and remote peering are a few important amongst numerous proposals of service provisioning capitalizing on this peering infrastructure support across domains. Enduring these business proposals becomes a challenging task, especially when the increased dependency of enterprises over the Internet is affirmed. Volatile traffic priorities necessitate different strategies of flow management for each pattern of enterprise traffic. Providing diverse service guarantees to each traffic class require careful selection of resource allocation and compliance of inter-domain policies. In this paper, we propose a novel orchestration framework that helps to stitch end-to-end traffic engineering compliant multiple paths. The framework enables prioritized management of various traffic classes in a centralized manner by employing software defined networking paradigm. Abstraction of multi-graph from the inter-connectivity of peering anchors helps to gear service provisioning spanning across multiple domains. Beside presenting details of our framework, we have articulated use cases highlighting the efficacy of our proposal. We have observed a maximum increase of 26.52% in throughput using proposed model compared with an optimization formulation from literature. Our results imply transparent utility of this formulation for various network topologies and traffic loads.

Telecommunication Systems

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