Marc Bruyere

Marc Bruyere

Senior Researcher

Internet Initiative Japan Lab


Bringing over two decades of experience in advanced networking, I’ve contributed to industry giants like Cisco, Vivendi Universal, and Internet Initiative Japan Lab.

A CCIE Emeritus and Ph.D. holder, my expertise spans innovative SDN solutions and impactful operational research.

My work integrates academic rigor with real-world applicability, focusing on network architecture design for large-scale environments.

I’m open to opportunities to apply my unique skill set in operational research, driving technological advancements and practical solutions.

You can explore my papers and publications or actual projects

  • Programmable Data Planes
  • People-centric research
  • Internet exchange operation
  • PhD Computer Networking, 2016

    LAAS CNRS - University Paul Sabatier

  • MSE Networking and Telecom, 2001



People Centric Research

People Centric Research

Considering not only quantifiable innovative engineering solutions but also the place and the impact of humans in networking infrastructure.

SDN IXP - HolistIX Full-Stack

SDN IXP - HolistIX Full-Stack

Holistix is a full-stack solution, which aims to reduce complexity and cost within IXPs by introducing a platform for managing, planning, and testing an Umbrella switching fabric.

Recents Publications

(2024). A café-philo for computer science: motives, experience and next steps. Undone Computer Science conference.


(2024). gPerfIsol: GNN-based Rate-Limits Allocation for Performance Isolation in Multi-tenant Cloud. 27th Conference on Innovation in Clouds, Internet and Networks (ICIN).


(2023). For a joint operator-centric approach to assessing network management effort. ACM SIGCOMM WorkShop SNIP2+.

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(2022). Global Internet public peering capacity of interconnection: a complex network analysis. arXiv.


(2022). Poster: A First-Look at Segment Routing Deploymentin a Large European ISP.



Will be please to receive any request and comments on my research and project. Specially if you interested in any research collaborations.