Poster: A First-Look at Segment Routing Deploymentin a Large European ISP


In a nutshell, Segment Routing (Sr) is a loose source routing paradigm based on an ordered list of segments (i.e., one or more forwarding instructions). Over the years, Sr has found a suitable usage in network monitoring, traffic engineering, or failure recovery, among others. Two forwarding plane encapsulations are proposed for Sr: MPLS (the focus of this extended abstract – Sr-Mpls) and Extension Headers for IPv6 (Srv6). Srv6 deployment in the Internet has been investigated by [7]. To the best of our knowledge, this extended abstract is the first attempt in revealing the deployment and usage of Sr-Mpls in the wild. Early results suggest that Sr-Mpls is mainly used in interworking with classic MPLS tunnels in Vodafone.

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