Specification of Hardware Specific Parts


This report provides a definition of Hardware Specific Parts (HSPs) of different hardware platforms in the ALIEN project. Report introduces a high-level specification of hardware dependent parts of Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) for seven network devices used in the ALIEN project: NetFPGA cards, EZChip NP-3 network processors (in EZappliance platform), Cavium OCTEON network processors (in ACTA system and DELL switch), ADVA optical switches, DOCSIS systems and GEPON systems. The detailed description of hardware specific software components provided in this document has been developed from the official HAL whitepaper released in July 2013. A part of this deliverable is devoted to the functional overview of a reference HAL implementation, based on xDPd and ROFL libraries. This deliverable presents also a software development strategy and plans for the next steps towards the HAL implementation.

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Marc Bruyere
Marc Bruyere
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