OFLOPS-Turbo: Testing the next-generation OpenFlow switch


The heterogeneity barrier breakthrough achieved by the OpenFlow protocol is currently paced by the variability in performance semantics among network devices, which reduces the ability of applications to take complete advantage of programmable control. As a result, control applications remain conservative on performance requirements in order to be generalizable and trade performance for explicit state consistency in order to support varying performance behaviours. In this paper we argue that network control must be optimized towards network device capabilities and network managers and application developers must perform informed design decision using accurate switch performance profiles. This becomes highly critical for modern OpenFlow-enabled 10 GbE optical switches which significantly elevate switch performance requirements. We present OFLOPS-Turbo, the integration of the OFLOPS switch evaluation platform, with the OSNT platform, a hardware-accelerated traffic generation and capture system supporting lossless 10 GbE functionality. Using OFLOPS-Turbo, we conduct an evaluation of flow table manipulation capabilities in a representative collection of 10 GbE production OpenFlow switch devices and interpret the evolution of OpenFlow support by comparison with historical data.

2015 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC)

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